Welcome to MetaDB

MetaDB is a distributed metadata collection tool developed by Lafayette College Libraries. It allows institutions to use a web-based interface to split digital collection building tasks among several people.

For example, at Lafayette, a librarian creates new projects, defines metadata requirements, supplies data for administrative fields, and imports high-resolution master TIF images into the system. Subject specialists then access the system remotely and enter descriptive data about each item. Once all metadata has been collected, projects are exported as CSV or tab-delimited data files that are easily ingested into most repository systems.

MetaDB supports several features that strengthen digital collection building efforts, including the use of controlled vocabularies, the ability to search, browse, sort, and edit records in different ways, and support for concurrent access by multiple users. The application extracts technical metadata from images, and automatically creates JPG access derivatives that can include branded or banded text, as well as zoomable high-resolution images for close study.

MetaDB version 3 was developed by Eric Luhrs, Digital Initiatives Librarian at Lafayette College, and Computer Science students Long Ho and Haruki Yamaguchi. Documentation and source code are available on the MetaDB project page hosted by Google Code.